Wordpress Development

Wordpress DevelopmentWordpress websites account for over 20% of all websites and are supported by a large number of developers worldwide, making it one of the most powerful CMS tools available. With such dominance of the website CMS market it does make it vulnerable and reliant on the quality of work of unknown developers, however, managed in the right way Wordpress offers a great solution for most CMS needs.

Wordpress relies on a library of plugins designed and developed by Wordpress fanatics across the globe which means 90% of your needs are probably already out there. For the other 10% Samui can tailor a current plugin or develop a specific plugin to suit your requirements and ensure you get the most from your Wordpress website.

We do believe our own bespoke CMS offers greater flexibility and security but a Wordpress website should be considered in the following circumstances:

  • You have no detailed or specific tools required
  • The content and requirements are unlikely to change very regularly beyond text and images on pages
  • An online shop with integrated payment options is necessary
  • You are prepared to take out a security or maintenance plan to keep your Wordpress website safe from malicious attacks or broken updates.


If none of the above applies to you then we would recommend talking to us about our bespoke CMS.

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