A website never sleeps...

A website is just as important as your frontline staff. Have you ever considered what would happen if your website stopped working, your emails won't send or you simply couldn't update out of date content? You provide support to your key staff and have backup plans in place in the event of sickness and annual leave but have you extended it to one your most hard working members of staff? The only member of staff that works 24/7, 365 days a week?

Whether you have a bespoke website or Wordpress driven website you are reliant on your website developer, website host, internet service provider or combination of all 3, to keep your website going. 99% of the time they will do just that but can your business survive in the 1% of time and would you know what to do to correct it?

Unfortunately we only tend to see the importance of support packages when the worst has happened. Lost data, internal server errors, the dreaded blank white screen! Samui has put together support and maintenance packages to meet your businesses needs and to ensure your website stays one step ahead of the rest all the time.

Maintenance Packages

The following maintenance packages are available for all clients to provide you with the security that your email and website will maintain uptime throughout the course of the contract and can be kept up to date. Additional support including website backups and search engine optimisation reviews can also be added to the basic maintenance package.

  Basic Intermediate Advanced
Support   Email / Phone Support Email / Phone Support Email / Phone Support
Response within 24 hours* Response within 12 hours* Response within 4 hours*
1 hour support 2 hours support 3 hours support
Search Engine Optimisation   6 monthly site review 3 monthly site review
Backup     Daily Site Backup
Price (per month) £35 £75 £120

* response times are based on Monday - Friday 9.00am - 5.30pm

Wordpress Maintenance Package

A Wordpress website has different requirements to a bespoke CMS powered website. The maintenance schedule focusses on the security risks associated with Wordpress websites and significantly reduces the risk of an attack and therefore downtime. Should an attack occur a site recovery is easy due to the backup schedule in place.

Support    Daily Backup
Implement Security Checks
Update plugins / themes / Wordpress / security weekly
Site Recovery*
Price (per month) £25

* In the unlikely event that 2 site recoveries are required in one calendar month an additional £25 charge will be applied

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