Will I Lose My SEO Ranking with a New Design?

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This is a question I've often been asked, with a high search engine ranking being a reason given for not updating a website to a modern design. It's fair to say there is a need for planning any major changes to a website to ensure the changeover goes smoothly, however, it does not mean you will automatically be pushed off the top spot.

Last week I discussed the fact you may not actually be as high in the search engine rankings as you think and an old design could actually be having a detrimental effect on your ranking, without you even realising it.

Lets look at some possible reasons why you would want to update a website design:

  • To make the website responsive to all screen sizes
  • To improve usability
  • To improve the functionality
  • To introduce calls to action
  • To upgrade the code to the latest standards

All of the above will benefit your SEO plan if implemented correctly. In the case of the responsive website you may already be moving down the mobile search rankings if your website doesn't pass Google's mobile friendly test, as of April this year. 

So far there have only been positive SEO reasons for updating a website design, so how could it all go wrong?

Updating a website design can sometimes mean introducing a new content management system, which in turn can mean a change to the website's URL structure. If this is the case then it is imperative that all search engines are made aware of this change BEFORE the new website is launched.

A new website design doesn't necessarily mean new content script. If the current content has been effective for your SEO plan there is no need to change it, simply ensure the content is in place BEFORE the new website is launched. This includes all meta titles, descriptions, alt tags and main content. You may need to be sure that there is still a healthy ratio of content to HTML with the new design.

Samui can offer you a modern, responsive website design and plan the launch of the website to ensure all the factors above, and others, are considered. We will ensure your fresh look continues to be seen by all search engine algorithms a positively, if not more positively, than before. Call Richard today on 01295 278216 or email us at contact@samui.co.uk so we can begin planning the next step for your website.

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