Hands up if You're Number One on Google?

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OK you can put your hands down now.

Let me rephrase the question. Hands up if you're actually number one on Google for a meaningful key phrase?

I suspect there are some hesitant hands being raised now, so let me explain what I mean.

Personalised Search

Are you aware of personalised search? Have you ever noticed that results on a home computer sometimes differ to results on a work computer? This is because Google is using your search history and search results interaction to tailor the search results page for you. It may also take into account your location to return relevant search results locally to you. Let's not dampen your spirits too much, you may still be number one but to be sure you need to use private browsing. Carry out a keyword search using private browsing and if you are still number one, congratulations you can put your hand up, at least half way anyway!

Meaningful Key Phrase

I wrote an article on the importance of meaningful key phrases, using Royal Ascot as an example, back in June. If you appear at number one for a key phrase that is searched locally 10 times a month is that as effective as being 7th in Google's ranking for a key phrase that is searched 100 times a month locally? I know I would be far keener to take 7th place and work on improving my ranking for that key phrase, knowing I suddenly have 10 times the audience to work for.

There are many factors to consider when it comes to your search engine ranking. If you are sitting at number one, having given very little consideration for the optimisation of your website I would suggest you are either not actually at number one or not at number one for a meaningful key phrase.

Samui can help you analyse your key phrases and prepare a more complete SEO plan for your website. Start to get your hand up and contact us at contact@samui.co.uk or call Richard on 01295 278216 to see how we can help you get started with Search Engine Optimisation.

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